Amitosh Swain Mahapatra

Amitosh Swain Mahapatra

Software Engineer from Bangalore, India

I'm a software engineer based in Bangalore, India with 2 years of experience in the software industry. My focus area for the past few years has been back-end development with Java and Go, but I'm also skilled in Python, NodeJS and front-end development with React.

I currently working at Gojek, building Gopay, a e-wallet for south-east asia. I have made a considerable amount of contribution to open-source. I maintain a popular NodeJS module called `bcrypt`, which gets around 2 million installs every day making it one of the most used NodeJS modules. I have worked with the FOSSi Foundation as part of the Google Summer of Code, 2017, and the Fedora Project as part of the Google Summer of Code, 2018

When not coding, I love to revel in creativity — I draw, paint, sketch and cook. I'm also a passionate gamer. I like djent, metal and rock music.


  • Java (expert)
  • Golang (advanced)
  • Python (advanced)
  • Javascript (expert)
  • SQL (advanced)
  • Kubernetes (intermediate)

Work Experience

Product Engineer at Gojek

Bangalore, India — May 2019 – present

Backend engineer in the team responsible for the external-facing APIs of Gojek's payment and digital wallet — Gopay. I'm in charge of defining and improving the integration of Gopay with other Gojek services, third-party payment gateways and merchants. Most of my work uses Java and Golang with some Python for internal tools. Some of my notable work:

  • Worked on engineering and maintaining core APIs of Gopay exposed to customers and merchants.
  • Rewrote gRPC transport libraries to optimize connection reuse and caching to improve service throughput up to 200%.
  • As a part of a two-person team, worked on the design and implementation of the GoPay payment state management system and API gateway in modern Java.

Google Summer of Code 2018 with Fedora Project

May 2018 – August 2018

I was selected to work with Fedora for Google Summer of Code 2018 on the Fedora Community app, an app for interacting with the Fedora infrastructure services, in terms of performance and utility. My work was primarily on AngularJS.

Data Engineering Intern at Mytrah Energy (India) Limited

Hyderabad, India — December 2017 – January 2018

It was a two month winter internship with Mytrah Enegry (India) Limited, a renewable energy company. My work was to develop pipelines to ingest data from wind mills for long-term storage and analytics using Python for pipelines, React for the UI, and PySpark for analytics.

  • Developed a pipeline for sanitizing and ingesting sensor data from windmills into a data warehouse on Amazon S3 and Amazon Athena.
  • Developed a web-based UI for generating reports from sensor data
  • Worked on extracting operation efficiency metrics from the windmill data.

Google Summer of Code 2018 at Free and Open Source Sillicon Foundation

May 2017 – Aug 2017

I was selected to work with Fedora for Google Summer of Code 2017 on Librecores, a platform to discover free and open-source hardware IP cores. I implemented an automated pipeline to analyze source code repositories listed on, to determine the quality of the project and designate a metric score.


B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering (Hons.)

College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar, India — Graduated in May 2019 – GPA: 8.85/10


Sphere — Natural Language Interface to RDBMS

Developed a system which converts questions into SQL queries using a probabilistic CFG, executes them on a configured database and turns the results into natural language using a seq2seq neural network model built on Tensorflow.

POS Tagger and NER for Indian Languages

Worked on designing parts of speech tagging and named entity recognition for Odia and Bengali using HMM, Perceptron and CRF models.

Volunteering and Open Source


I maintain bcrypt, a popular NodeJS module for password hashing with bcrypt algorithm.

Fedora Project

Member of DotNet SIG, a group dedicated to the release and availability of .NET Core in Fedora

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