The Rose Plant!

By Amitosh Swain Mahapatra

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It takes a great care to raise a plant. From planting the seed to watering it, taking care of weeds and looking after the frostbites.

Gardening! Sometimes, it is a dirty work. It needs planning. It is an art in iteslf. Plants are delicate beings. They require great care. Water and nutrients all in time.

Being a gardener is like being mother. A plant is something living. It feels as men and animals feel. It needs your love and care. Love leaves and flowers, as a lover loves his beloved.Touch them gently. Your soft touch will make them smile.

An evening in the company of these smiling flowers is so rejuvenating. After the tiring day, it makes me feel so fresh. Because when I look and smile at them, they look back and smile at me.